Watching over your product development investment every step of the way

Validating The Process of Ideas Through Product Prototyping

Testing and validating your product development investment every step of the way.

We believe that Prototyping is something that should be done all throughout the development of a new product. As we develop functional prototypes and eventually production prototypes, we are constantly validating the product’s design, functionality, and usability through lab testing and insights captured from Voice of Customer research.

From Ideation To Pilot Production Prototypes

From low-fidelity Proof-of-Concept mockups constructed with off-the-shelf components and materials, to fully functional models that look-like and work-like production units. Prototyping validates the product’s design, allows users to experience the product prior to production, and mitigates risk along the way.

  • Low-fidelity Proof-of-Concept Mockups
  • High-fidelity fully functional Prototypes
  • Appearance Models (Looks like)
  • Functional Models (Works like)
  • Form study models
  • Ergonomic Bucks
  • Digital Prototypes with FEA/Simulation
  • Sheet Metal fabrication & welding
  • Medium-fidelity/Semi-functional Models
  • User Interface prototypes
  • 3D Printing
  • Urethane Casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Prototype PCB’s
  • Finishing, painting, graphics

Product Development Resources Working For You

With all of the 3D/Computer-generated design tools today, there is still no substitute for holding and interacting with a physical prototype. It allows you to make informed decisions as your product evolves from an idea to being released to market. Our project team will help you with a strategy and methodology for prototyping at critical points of the development journey.

Our Work

Sunstar Crayola Toothbrush

The Overwatch team was asked by Sunstar to improve the design and assembly of the Crayola powered toothbrush....


Champro Batting Helmet

Champro approached Overwatch to design a baseball helmet to declare their independence from the ordinary....


Heathrow Scientific Universal Pipette Stand

Heathrow asked Overwatch to design a “universal” pipette stand....


Sagegreenlife Flourish Living Wall

In partnership with Sagegreenlife, Overwatch created the “Flourish” living wall, which is the perfect combination of beautiful form and convenient function....


Heathrow Scientific MagFuge Centrifuge + Magnetic Stirrer

Overwatch was chosen to develop the industry’s first combined high-speed centrifuge and magnetic stirrer for Heathrow Scientific....


CoolStick Lacrosse Stick Head

CoolStick engaged Overwatch to create a patented women’s NCAA  lacrosse head that takes into account the rigors and violence of the sport....


Heathrow Scientific Adjustable Test Tube Rack

Heathrow Scientific challenged Overwatch to design a low-cost test tube rack to hold multiple size tubes and vials....


Champro Catcher’s Leg Guard

Overwatch was tasked with developing a family of catcher’s leg guards....


Focal Point Facetta LED Troffer

Focal Point turned to Overwatch to assist with in the design the Facetta luminaire for a premium product category....